Eveniment #91
1 - 11 noiembrie 2021

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We'll wait for you with great interest at our next opening exhibition on 1st of November, where we'll put into spotlights Semantix's concept - "Motion madness". Invited guests: Eli Stancu, Irlo.

A few lines from the artist's own testimonial on his featured exhibition:
"Creation by nature is a perpetual neuronal engine and taking that into consideration i created this collection, on inside ideas and processes of creation.
Nature is a free spirit like personality and human behavior, happiness and sadness, and many more shapes we cross every day.

Semantix is not a person is a concept.

I am one human that looks @ the world in a mysterious way, some say dark some say colored but unless you're in my brain you have the freewill and the power of choice. Feel free to create your own story, but the catch is letting my visual be your director. For further metaphors please scan imagination."

The artist also states about himself:
"Semantix is not a robot

I started discovering art in childhood with two cans in ma’ backpack. That's one good story that will look good mixed with the hip hop beats, flavoring in the electronic wild sky. I could fact as funny when the five0 traded my cans for just a warning but that was just the beginning. I am nor the classic nor the outlaw, I have mixed feeling, there go, the multitude of colors floating around my neurons.

I like to clear my mind and let the ideas come slowly and smoothly like the sound of sax lost in the background of those peaceful jazz drums. This movie is spiced with cartoons running on the flat over the street just because I forgot the projector on again.

I am always doing surveys with people’s imagination because sometimes I am in a creation pit stop and some refreshments are always welcomed in the process.

I am not a narcissist even tho’ I started every sentence with I, just because sometimes me myself and I like to have fun with vision perspectives of perspectives, just because I can see the multiverse and I."

It already caught your eye, right? Then you should pay us a visit, for sure!

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